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Liverpool Gymnastic Club

Welcome to the City of Liverpool Gymnastics Club – Home of Champions! Here at the City of Liverpool Gymnastics Club we take great pride in offering everyone the opportunity to participate in the sport of gymnastics. 

We offer World Class facilities and an extensive range of classes and programme’s to cater for all abilities. Our aim is for everyone to reach their potential.

The club is run by the internationally acclaimed Head Coach, Claire Duffy and supported by a team of talented and dedicated coaches. It is arguably the most successful club in Great Britain with a worldwide reputation. 


Our successes include:

7 Olympic Games representatives
9 World Championships representatives
12 European Championships representatives
10 Commonwealth Games representatives
and medallists at every level!

Currently the club has 4 Elite gymnasts who are members of the Great Britain High Performance Squads aiming for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and Tokyo in 2020.

Our results speak for themselves but why not check out our classes? 

We have something for everyone, from the youngest ‘Gymtots’ to the older participant in our ‘Over the Hill’ class and everyone in between!

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